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Programs & Activities

After School Lab for MHS 2023-2024

Click here for Late Bus Schedule and Stops

Monday - Thursday from 3:45pm- 6pm

*Snacks are Provided*

Students must sign up in T-225 to take the late bus.

Students need to be in T-225 by 5:25 to catch the bus.

There will be a Math Tutor and an English Tutor available.


Here is a list of some programs:
  • Academic Competition Club

  • Archery

  • Art & Animation

  • Career Prep

  • Chess Club

  • English Language Classes (for adults)

  • Fencing

  • Fishing Club

  • Gamers Guild

  • Mathletes

  • Open Gym/Sports

  • Outdoor Adventure

  • Pinterest/Crafting

  • Powerlifting Club

  • ROTC

  • Soccer Club

  • Stock Market Challenge

  • Tutoring (After School Lab/ASL)

  • Volleyball Club

  • World Culture Club



Students, families, and community members are all welcome to participate in the free programs at Mohave High School. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mohave High School 21st CCLC Site Coordinator Sarah Lipinski at (928) 758-3916, ext. 1380.

Click here to see our Electives, Clubs, and Athletics PowerPoint

At Mohave High School, we give students the tools they need not only to meet the state academic standards, but to exceed them. Please learn more about what we offer below.

Academic Programs:

-All students staying after school will need to check into the After School Lab first before heading to other activities.

-Snacks will be provided in the After School Lab

-Students are not permitted to loiter in hallways or in campus common areas on their own after school. All students must be with a teacher at all times

-Students are not permitted to leave campus and then return to campus. If they leave, they leave and need to find their own transportation home. They will not be allowed back on campus, and they will not be permitted to take the After School Bus.

-After School Bus sign ups will be in the after school lab. Students must sign up for the bus before going to their club or activity.

-Bus leaves at 5:30 and will pick up students at the Ewing walk up gate.